Argolida, Ancient Corinth, Mycene via Isthmus of Corinth and Nafplion

Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, the Argolis: a meeting with culture

Starting in Ancient Corinth, antiquity’s most powerful commercial crossroads, then on to Mycenae, one of the ancient world’s most noteworthy cultures, and ending up at Epidaurus, with its theater and healing center that were milestones in the evolution of western civilization, we take a route that is one of the most important historically speaking, in a country steeped in history.

Our first stop is in Ancient Corinth, the wealthiest city in all the ancient world, a leader amongst the powerful Greek city-states, built at the foothills of the rocky hill of Acrocorinth, discernible from afar, a striking lookout against potential enemies coming by land or sea.

From the area’s archaeological sites and natural beauty with its picturesque yet imposing Isthmus of Corinth, we head to Mycenae and the region that was destined to give birth to one of antiquity’s most important civilizations, the Mycenaean. The “cyclopean walls” of the citadel of Mycenae, impressively intact to this day, highlight the heyday of a civilization brought to light by Heinrich Schliemann. A civilization that served as inspiration to the great ancient tragedians that subsequently helped shape western thought. The Lion Gate, a remarkable example of Mycenaean sculpture; grave circle A  with its shaft tombs and golden funerary finds; the palace atop the citadel with its throne room; the underground water cistern with its ornate stairs and the beehive tombs (“tholos”) all give proof of the grandeur of an era that has left indelible marks throughout the ages.

As important and unfaltering through history is Epidaurus and its ancient theater, at the end of a verdant natural corridor of trees, in harmony with the landscape surrounding it and where the evolution of drama took place in ancient times. One of antiquity’s best preserved theaters, with awe-inspiring acoustics, it was constructed for the entertainment of the patients who had come to the area to be healed at the Asklepeion healing center located adjacent to the theater. One of the ancient world’s most renowned healing centers, the Asklepeion at Epidaurus was where ancient sufferers came to be cured of both mental and physical ailments, and as a result, the center contributed greatly to the development and influence of the region.

We return via Nafplio, the country’s most picturesque town and not surprisingly one of the favorite destinations for Greek and foreign tourists alike, who visit at all times of the year to enjoy the cobblestoned alleyways and nature at its finest.


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Ancient Corinth, Mycene
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