Meteora - Kalabaka

Imposing Meteora

A haunting landscape, a creation of nature’s inexhaustible fantasy, the sandstone peaks of Meteora that rise up behind the town of Kalambaka nestled between the mountains Koziaka and Antichasion, are one of the most sought after destinations in Greece for both Greeks and foreigners. The enormous, smoothly carved rocks, vertical masses often shrouded in mist, are home to the second largest monastic complex in the country, the first being that of Mount Athos, also known as Agion Oros.

Meteora, created over 30 million years ago by the retreating seas, eons later became an ideal place for prayer and isolation and have been for approximately six centuries, since the founding of the first of many monasteries in the 14th century. Today, the six remaining monasteries and convents, including the Holy Monastery of Great Meteoro (Transfiguration of Jesus), the Holy Trinity Monastery, Saint Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery and Varlaam Monastery and the convents of Roussanou and Saint Stephen’s, have retained the rituals of monasticism and become a place of pilgrimage and visit for thousands of people every year.

In addition to being a center of Orthodox monasticism, Meteora is equally famous among mountain climbers, as the peaks constitute one of the world’s most unique and safe mountaineering destinations. Since 1977, when a climbing guide to the region was published and the first mountaineering teams arrived, “conquering” Meteora has become a goal for many climbers, who come in groups throughout the year and contribute to keeping the tourist activity of the area alive.

In addition to being a world climbing center, the town of Kalambaka is also an ideal base from which to visit the picturesque traditional villages of the surrounding area, while its alleys are replete with religious painting (hagiography) and woodworking studios and workshops, as a result of the area’s monastic activity and ensuing tourism. Meteora is a recommended destination for yet another reason, and that is its status as UNESCO World Heritage Site, a title that it deservedly bears and preserves.

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Meteora - Kalabaka
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