Idyllic Sounio

The lacy coastal road that begins in the Athenian suburb of Glyfada and winds its way through Vouliagmeni, Saronida and Lagonisi to reach Cape Sounio is one of the region of Attica’s most sublime routes. Small tucked away beaches with their sandy shores or rocky stretches, crystal-clear sparkling water and a perfectly blue sky accompany you along the way and delight the senses, mind and soul of anyone taking this gorgeous route to get to one of Greece’s most idyllic spots, Cape Sounio.

From a distance, your gaze is captivated by the ruins of the temple of Poseidon, commanding, stunning, a characteristic example of classical architecture of the 5th century BC. This is the spot that the ancient Athenians chose to honor their god Poseidon, within a fortress constructed to protect their coastline. It was here that the Sanctuary of Athena was also built, for the worship of their city-state’s patron goddess.

Centuries after its decline, which occurred during the Peloponnesian Wars, a foreigner who loved Greece, a philhellene inspired by the splendor of the land and its history, the English poet Lord Byron was enchanted by this place and praised its virtues. Later, systematic excavations of the ruins would reveal Sounio in all its glory and grant it a second chance to shine.

Millions of visitors from around the globe also come here to gaze upon the sun setting into the arms of the Saronic Gulf. A memory that stays with them for a lifetime …

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The excursion to Sounio may be joined with that of the Tour of Athens with a total duration of 9 hours and a charge of:

€230 for a Sedan – a 4-passenger chauffeur-driven car

€395 for a 7-passenger chauffeur-driven estate car

€600 for a 3-passenger chauffeur-driven Limousine

€500 for a  Mini-Bus seating 10 passengers with a driver

4 Hours
€230 Van

€160 Sedan

€330 Mini Bus
The duration and destinations can be modified upon request. Besides the suggested tours, we can realize the route of your choice upon request.